A Fleet Perspective on Commercial Electric Vehicles. 


An Endeavor Business Intelligence report that examines the adoption rate of commercial electric vehicles in the U.S.


Common opinion is that the transportation world is in the midst of an electrical vehicle boom and that CEV’s are leading this enthusiastic transformation.  However, based on our research of over 270 fleet organizations, the reality is we are just starting to see trends develop and gain a perspective on lessons learned from early adopters.  Our sampled fleets represent the overall U.S. trucking industry, including for-hire carriers, private fleets as well as those in vocational applications and those operated by government entities.


This comprehensive 58 page report delivers valuable insights for manufacturers, suppliers, builders and investors through analysis of proprietary research on fleet types investing in CEVs, reasons and methods for adoption, applications and perceived challenges. The report also offers overviews of the top 25 CEV Builders, their progress and current product portfolio, as well as Fleet Usage Profiles for two organizations that are leading the way in CEV adoption.